Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Ordeal of Darkness is OVER

Woo hoo!! I had my last exam yesterday and it feels so good to have the first semester and round of exams behind me. My head never felt so heavy or hurt so much as the past week and a half. I honestly don't know how I fit all of that law into my head. I think it subsequently fell out my ears on my way in and what little was left made a messy splat in my bluebook. It was awful and the best thing about it is it's over!

On a lighter note, my brother is coming in for a visit during the break. I can't wait to see him. As much as I want to go home, I can't afford the plane ticket which really sucks. Unless there's an emergency (which there may very well be), I'm staying here for the holidays. I'm down to spare change and hoping that my school $$ come in ASAP so I can pay bills. I had no idea how expensive law school was ultimately going to be and didn't budget accordingly. Hopefully a lucrative summer job will rectify the situation if I can wait until then.

On a much much lighter note. A womens cycling team asked me to join their team for the upcoming season which I am really excited about. I would really like to meet more cyclists and workout partners so that I have more balance and will be healthier. Plus I love racing! It will be so much fun this summer riding new trails and racing all over New England. Plus BF now has the bug so he will probably want to race some too. Yippee!!