Monday, April 17, 2006

Running my own marathon

Over 20,000 people ran the Boston Marathon today with the fastest time being 2:07. Unfortunately, I didn't make it out to cheer on the racers. I feel kind of bad about it but at the same time, I have my own marathon to prepare for - FINALS. We're gearing up for our last full week of classes and then it will be three weeks of studying and taking finals with each spaced out about 3-4 days apart. The panic is already starting to rise in the pit of my stomach as I remind myself that this is it. My first year of law school as gone in a flash and the ordeal of darkness is looming ahead. This past semester has really flown with the addition of another class and the numerous writing assignments. I don't feel as if I had enough time to adequately prepare for class and to study. I'm hoping that it will all come together at crunch time. The thought of flunking out seems to cross my mind more often than not. It's normal though. We're all assuaged by those thoughts - the fear, the panic, the reality that it could go south really quickly if you allow the panic to overtake you. This shite is hard. Really hard. And the exams are brutal. This weekend I've been focusing on CrimLaw by reading a supplement that's really kicka$$. I've also been organizing my notes, getting caught up on rest, panicking, reading, stressing, doing laundry, planning my schedule, placing grocery orders for delivery during exams, selling anything I can on ebay to fund my racing this summer, and trying not to panic about FINALS.