Sunday, October 21, 2007

So good So good So good!!

The sox did it again! Two championships!! In 2004, I was living in Nashville and S was here in Boston. We watched the entire series together on the TV while talking on the phone - first the playoffs against the Yankees and the World Series in ST. Louis. This time around, we spent it together at home - usually we were nodding off because the games were so late. Still, it's amazing that we've shared this crazy phenomenon during our relationship. Most of Boston have been waiting their entire lives for just one championship and now we're celebrating two! One of the furniture dealers here promised fans back in January that if they bought furniture and the Sox won the series, they would be reimbursed for items they paid. Luckily, the store bought a huge insurance policy! My favorite burrito place, Boloco, just gave all frequent customers - two free burritos! One for 2004 and one f0r 2007. The Red Sox Nation fanfare is incredible - I've never seen anything like it.