Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is this really in the spirit of Christmas?

The Christmas House Spectacle in Jamaica Plain is actually just around the corner from our house. This house, which really looks like a castle, has been receiving alot of press because it is a monstrosity. The castle has over 130,000 lights, many blow up character and globe inflatables, decorations, Christmas trees and now the Star of David. The owners bought the home two years ago and are crazy about Christmas because it is the celebration of Christ. They seek to celebrate the Saviour's birthday by making it more and more grandiose each year. This year they added a 10-foot high, 650lb bejeweled, gold crown on the roof (without a permit). Some in the community of Boston love it, others (JP neighbors) hate it. The call of the question - is this really in the spirit of Christmas is proposed because the owners have blatantly disregarded city ordinances, permit requirements, and yes, even the desires of their neighbors all in the name of Jesus. They have invested over $10,000 in lights alone and the lights are on from dark (4:30pm) until 1:30 am every day for over two months. They spend over $1200 a month on electricity. Neighbors are complaining because they can't sleep - the lights blare right into their bedrooms and the traffic is unbearable not to mention the risk of electrical fires. How do we know this guy isn't a Clark Griswold? This area has alot of drive by traffic therefore it's pretty dangerous to have this kind of eyesore without taking precautions like a police detail, signage, etc. Cars stop in the middle of the road and gawk or traffic is back up because of all the rubbernecking. Not to mention that building something like that crown, which is kind of cool, without the proper permitting is dangerous because it could fall or endanger the people that are walking by and believe me there are a lot of spectators. I for one think it's a gross display of wealth and arrogance. To me, the spirit of Christmas is charity, humility, family, and above all kindness. This guy essentially has given everyone, including the City, the big eff you, I'm going to do this no matter how destructive or dangerous it is. Why not reduce the number of hours so your neighbors can sleep at night? Why not use the money that you save on electricity and donate it to a charity? Why not get the permit? I'm sure it will cost some money but it sounds like money is no obstacle. I encourage you to read more about this house and the guy who just can't stop adding more crap to it. [Click on the title of this post, it will take you to a news article with more photos]. He blatantly disregards the neighbors and City's concerns because he wants to celebrate Jesus. Doesn't he see the irony in what he is saying and doing?