Saturday, September 20, 2008

McKinney State Falls

More trails within the Austin metro area! Seth and I just got back from a super fun ride at McKinney State Falls Park which is near the airport. We actually had to drive to the trail which means that we can only do that on the weekends since we only have one car. The trails there are very easy and perfect for introducing those you love to the wonderful sport of mountain biking. Of course, I really wouldn't call it mountain biking - more like a shaded ride through the forest. More advanced riders can go super fast and have a great time on the twists and turns. There were a few rooty/rocky "climbs" and only one big whoop de doo. All in all, it's a great trail to burn through and build some confidence. There's 744 acres within the park and about 7 miles of bike trails - paved and singletrack. So there's a little something for everyone. The Homestead Loop (singletrack) is only 3 miles long. We did the trail twice - both ways. What was really neat is the falls area that looks like a huge parking lot of limestone with Onion Creek running through the middle of it. You have to cross this area to get to the singletrack. Seth and I had a lot of fun testing our handling skills, scrambling around and taking pics. The best part? even tho it's near the airport, we did not see or hear any airplanes!