Friday, October 17, 2008

New Balance v. Gaines Ranch

After a long week of rain, no riding, and one too many Shiners celebrating the Sox comeback last night, Seth and I decided to break in our recently purchased New Balance trail runners. I bought the 811 model and am really digging them. Strong ankle protection, rugged "Abzorb" soles, and roomy toe box. We went for a quick jog down Gaines Ranch and along Barton Creek. As you are aware, GR is not my favorite trail to ride and now it's not my favorite trail to run. It's very technical and although I didn't twist my ankle, slip or fall down (thanks to NB), it was very slowgoing. Probably a good thing since the trail was still a little damp and running on wet rocks is not a good idea. The run became more fun and less challenging once we crossed the river. It felt great to be outside and enjoying the cooler temperatures. I love running in colder weather and am looking forward to doing it more often. As the days get shorter and the work days longer, it will be much easier to get in a quick run than trying to get a quick ride. Just throw on the sneakers, grab the ipod and you're on your way. Don't have to bother with camelbacks, checking over the bike, getting suited up, etc. Seth and I got in a great workout in just 30 minutes - cardio, abs, quads, and calves. Can't beat that!