Friday, November 21, 2008

Tour de Georgia takes a break

I just read that the Tour de Georgia will not be happening in 2009 due to lack of sponsorships and funding. Apparently organizers called it quits when they discovered that Lance Armstrong was not planning to race it as part of his comeback in 2009. Armstrong's participation was the dangling carrot that they were hoping to attract sponsors with. Back in 2004, I was living in Nashville, Tennessee and drove to Northern Georgia to watch the Tour de Georgia. It was a great time! I got to see alot of big names race such as Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, Bobby Julich, Jens Voigt, Mario Cipollini, and others. I met Bob Rolle, held vigil outside Lance Armstrong's trailer before the start of a stage and even got to climb the infamous Brasstown Bald Mountain. Northern Georgia is gorgeous - the views are amazing. I definitely got to utilize my climbing and descending skills. On some of the descents, I was flying at 50+ mph. My poor brakes were singing at the end of the day. Still, it was so much fun actually riding the same route that the pros were racing. I gained a new appreciation for their fitness and technical skills. Here's to hoping that the Tour de Georgia returns in 2010!