Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Please don't mess with Texas

This morning on my way to work, I noticed the driver of the car a couple of cars in front of me opening their door. My curiosity peaked, I continued to observe the car to see what the devil was going on. Were they sick, was something wrong. Not so much. Then I noticed smoke. Oh, they're smoking. But why is the door open, can't they roll the window down. Then I saw something that was steaming plop to the ground. My first impression was that it was a turd. Gross! Okay now I'm really curious so I'm studying the steaming object. Yes, I'm still sitting in traffic at a stoplight, I haven't moved an inch and I have an excellent vantage point. After studying and finally putting two and two together, I realize it's a tea bag. Yeah. This person apparently had to have the perfect cup of tea and couldn't wait to dispose of bag when they got to work. I couldn't believe it.

I mean sure, it's a pretty harmless tea bag but it's still littering. So is throwing out a cigarette. Chewing gum too. I was hoping that I could inch up, roll the window down, and tell the driver that they dropped something but the opportunity didn't happen. Within a few seconds, the light turned green and the litterbug disappeared. I was fuming. Littering is a major pet peeve of mine. Why not just keep it in the tea for a few minutes longer until you reach your destination and can dispose of it properly.

Please please don't mess with Texas. We've come a long way since the wayward days of throwing out bags of fast food, soda cans, beer bottles, and any other trash that was within arm's reach. Let's keep it clean - every "little" bit helps.