Friday, March 13, 2009

On the Hunt for Bluebonnets

This weekend is going to be a fun one with the start of SXSW and impromptu bluebonnet hunts sprinkled throughout. This will be my first spring in Texas since the 90’s so I’m anxiously and gleefully anticipating my first bluebonnet sighting. A friend of mine spotted a few bluebonnets on the lawn of his office yesterday shortly before a herd of deer gobbled them up. So it's official. Daylight savings + Bluebonnets = Spring.

And what better way to celebrate spring in Austin than touring the city via bicycle, live music, schwag, and bbq? Tomorrow, I’ll be hanging out at Bike Hugger and Mellow Johnny’s Mobile Social Urban Bike Tour, BBQ and After Party. Check it out and sign up at Although I can't afford the pricey SXSW wristband that will get you into all the premiere hot ticket events, I’m still hoping to catch a few bands at side parties over the next week. At the very least, I can enjoy the street experience and people watching.

Know of an event or party that I might be interested in at SXSW? Have you already spotted a bluebonnet this year? Send me the event info and also bluebonnet sightings and pics to