Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cyclists in Suits Day a great success

Cyclists in Suits Day was SO MUCH FUN and it yielded fantastic results. Over 75 cyclists from all walks of life and across the state participated. Many making the trip from San Antonio, Houston, El Paso, Midland, Tyler, Dallas and Fort Worth.

The Senators and Representatives definitely took notice of our large group when we visited each session and sat in the gallery. After receiving recognition in the House and Senate, we broke into teams and began visiting offices to ask legislators (and staffers) for their support and passing out bicycle pins. At first blush, alot of folks are nervous about going to the offices but it really is easy. All you have to do is be yourself and just have a conversation.

Even if you're not comfortable talking with legislators or staffers, your presence is important. Showing up in numbers makes a great impression on legislators because it demonstrates support for the bills. On Tuesday, the Safe Passing Bill was back on the Senate floor and passed 28-2 and now the House version is moving once again and has been directed to Calendars. I know it's difficult to take the time off work to do it but it is so worth the vacation day to have legislation in place that will further protect us on the street and in the courtroom should we get injured or God forbid, killed, by a motorist. This legislation will also jumpstart education in that it will create such excitement that organizations will allocate funds to educate the general public and law enforcement.

So even if you didn't have the opportunity to participate in Cyclists in Suits this session, mark your calendar for the next Legislative session. Join BikeTexas so that you'll receive timely notices and can make plans. Usually bike organizations from each city charters buses or arranges car pools to get cyclists to Austin on that special day!