Monday, April 06, 2009

The weekend in review

This weekend was a productive one in that I did my best to get everything I need to get my new office in Dripping Springs all outfitted and ready to open by Tax Day even though it meant I didn't get to ride my bike as much as I would have liked. But I guess it was worth it. I scored a great deal on an all in one HP printer at Staples and a suite of furniture on Craig's List.

There was also an unproductive trip to IKEA. I love their stuff but that store is a monstrosity, especially on a Saturday. So many things to look at, so many people to bump into. I went through the entire store collecting order tags before I realized that my camera was gone and that everything I liked was "oversold". My new camera! So the rest of the evening was spent reporting it lost or stolen to IKEA, making a claim with Visa (perhaps a silver lining), and at Visa's request, reporting it to the police. Which I think is really silly. Why require this? It's such a waste of the cop's time and resources! I think these credit cards companies try to hook you with these wonderful benefits but when it comes time to claim them, they present so many obstacles, that most consumers I'm sure just give up and take the loss. Well not this one! Still, all that time for a loss and nothing to show for it.

Nonetheless, I am heartened by all that is going on in Austin with the new Smart Car sharing pilot program and the City's bike sharing program for employees. And also on the state level with public hearings on bills affecting cyclists - Safe Passing, Safe Routes to School, Driver's Test Requirements. We're getting there.