Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peaches, bicycles, and more

This weekend was hot yet productive. I kicked it off with a 5am start on Saturday to join my running group for a run and drills at Town Lake. It felt pretty rough despite the coolness of the hour, especially the drills. Note to self - run with a water bottle next time. I was never so happy to see the coolers and icy towels at the end!

Afterwards, I grabbed a couple of breakfast tacos (migas, jalapeno sausage) at Torchy's then off to the farmer's market. The market was packed with lots of shoppers, farmers, restaurants, coffee shops, artisans, and other vendors. I practically jumped up and down with glee when I spotted peaches at the first stand and beautiful organic tomatoes and summer squash at the next one. As I traveled among the shoppers, I saw a couple walking their bikes. Most likely they were searching for somewhere to lock them up. I was very tempted to tell them about the "fence posts" out back but we were quickly carried away by the crowd and all the temptations. Later on, I spotted Violet Crown Cycles' booth and rushed over to check out their stylish Dutch-style city bikes complete with custom frames, fenders, basket, lights, lock and more.

Elliott McFadden, the builder (and blogger at Austin on Two Wheels) was there showcasing his works of art and functionality. The bicycles were gorgeous and completely self-contained. He custom builds each city bike to his client's specifications. For those of you who are in love with the craftmanship and fashion of the Dutch-style bicycles, you must check out Violet Crown Cycles. They are the perfect townie especially if you have the wicker basket. You can remove it and load it up with farm fresh produce at the market. Do like the Dutch do! I wrapped up the day (and weekend) by adopting a new dog into our family. It has taken us all weekend to prepare to welcome her home tomorrow!