Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a scorcher

AustinFit marathon training groups are starting up this weekend and I'm a bit nervous. Although it's far enough out to effectively train for a November marathon (or half), I'm still nervous. Why? Because I ran a half-marathon in February and after a scorching run today, I don't even have the base needed to train. I'm so frustrated that I have lost so much fitness and that I will essentially be starting all over again and struggling all over again. I know it's my own fault, hence the frustration. Not a good mindset to have when I'm signing up for an even bigger challenge in hot weather which means getting up wicked early to run and beat the heat. Did I mention I'm not a morning person? Still, I'm excited at the same time. I wanna push myself a little more and I need A BIG GOAL to keep me motivated to continue to run, push, work. I'm going to wait a litle longer to register for the San Antonio marathon just to see how my training and running goes. Hopefully it won't sell out before I decide!