Monday, June 15, 2009

The Best Cycling Workout Collection

I have found the perfect DVD collection for those of us who must escape the soaring Texas temps and can't afford those high dollar gym memberships or coaches that cater to cyclists specifically. For $75, you can purchase the Global Ride Hawaii Boxed Set which includes rides along the coast of Hawaii, music, the option to use a professional coach, as well as post ride workouts to include yoga, pilates, and strength training. I would have loved to have this series when I was in Boston and trying to get a workout at home on my spin bike. I've tried alot of different DVDs that promised a great workout but they often left me uninspired and just spinning in place. This collection is different because of the beautiful scenery and the coaching. You can even choose whether you want an professional American, Australian or Italian coach! How awesome is that.

What I value most about this collection, is the 30-minute sessions of pilates, yoga or strength training. Since I no longer have my spin bike or trainer, I've incorporated these workouts into my regimen and I am loving them, especially the strength training segment. There's no other strength training program outside of a book and you all know as well as I do that it's tough to replicate an exercise properly from a book. Visit Global Ride to learn about this collection and another collection that's currently in production... Italy!