Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Missions or Mule Shoe?

For the last few weekends, I have endeavored to ride my bike despite the oppressive heat and have been riding all over central texas. Now, I'm torn by all that there is to do! I really enjoyed our tour of Fredericksburg last weekend and am quite excited about visiting places such as Goliad, the missions in San Antonio, and other areas of the Hill Country. (Feel free to send me any suggestions). When I read about the bike trail connecting each of the San Antonio missions, I really got excited and decided that the Missions will be this weekend's bike tour. I could already see myself riding along the trail on my Redline allowing the day to unfold as it will, visiting each of the Missions, enjoying the history and architecture. Four of the missions were originally in East Texas. Then, I read about Mule Shoe Birthday Bash at Austin on Two Wheels now I'm conflicted. I love Mule Shoe!

P.S. I just recently became a sponsor of Austin on Two Wheels and have agreed to develop a series of posts on Cycling & Texas Law. Stay tuned!