Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amazing Barton Creek Falls

What a morning. The hubby and I got up, had our coffee, and hiked down the trail to Barton Creek Falls with Izzy. Much to our surprise, Izzy decided to jump in when she saw three golden labs on the other side playing in the water. We were surprised because we have tried many times to get her to swim but to no avail. Today, she was so excited to see the dogs that she just HAD to jump in to get to them. Unfortunately, she couldn't and they ran further down the river out of sight. She followed suit scampering along the banks, climbing over rocks and finally stopping short when she saw these fast moving rapids. She didn't dare jump in - much to our relief! We had a dickens of a time keeping up with her but it was such great fun watching her. It's such a wonderful thing seeing her running at top speed and bounding through the brush. And the falls were absolutely beautiful. To think, that just a few months ago, there were no falls and the creek was dry as a bone. If only we had a kayak!