Saturday, January 09, 2010

In my Shopping Bag

This morning it was a chilly 24 degrees when we headed to the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market. We were disappointed to see that many farmers and shoppers didn't make it out. Still, we managed to fill our shopping bags with lots of goodies (pictured above). Four varieties of Co-Op Coffee, Vital Farms eggs, Richardson Farms whole wheat flour, Thunderheart Bison stew meat, lean ground beef and lemons from Indian Hills Farms, cremini mushrooms from Kitchen Pride, winter squash-green garlic-fennel from Johnson's Backyard Garden, pak choy, watermelon radishes, and black radish. I searched high and low for more white turnips but no luck. Produce was scarce.

So! I'm planning to make another bison stew with the cremini mushrooms, squash, green garlic, and fennel. Or maybe it will be a Bison Bourginon served over noodles. The whole wheat flour will coat the bison in the stew and make an excellent gravy. I'm also planning to use it in my "Shiner Bread". The lemons will make an excellent lemon meringue pie. Any leftovers will be used for breakfast breads.

I haven't worked with Pak Choy before so I need to do a little research in Vegetable Love. The radishes will be featured in salads. And finally, the ground beef will take center stage in another fabulous chili.