Saturday, May 29, 2010

Going cuckoo

I awoke this morning to the sound of a really loud bird call, one I haven't heard before. I sprang out of bed and raced to the patio to identify the early riser. After several minutes of leaning over the railing and craning my neck every which way, I decided to go bird hunting with my dog. We followed the bird's call and finally spotted a little fellow that looks just like this picture. Upon returning home, I looked in my bird guide and confirmed my identification by listening to it's call on It's a yellow-billed Cuckoo! It's distinctive loud call is easy to identify once you've heard it but as the guide points out - you hear them more than you see them. Although this Cuckoo almost had the best of us this morning, Izzy and I were victorious in our tracking skills. Izzy was surprisingly just as excited to be on the hunt as I was - usually she pulls me on her first morning walk but today she was happy to be hunting by my side. Good dog.