Sunday, June 06, 2010

Evolve, Explore, Experience

Today, I was channel surfing when I became mesmerized by Joel Osteen - that young TV evangelist who broadcasts his "messages" from his church of thousands in Houston. Seriously, his church looks like a stadium! I enjoy evangelists and HSN salespeople and consider watching them as pure entertainment. It absolutely drives my husband nuts. Anyway, Joel Osteen is not as entertaining because what he discusses usually makes sense. Today he was talking about how we should continue to evolve, explore, and experience the world and not just plug away doing the same old thing with the same people. He recommended being passionate about our job or find one we're passionate about. Try new things. Meet new people. Travel. Stir things up. It resonated with me and reminded me of one of the best years of my life.

On my 30th birthday, I devoted the year to myself and myself only. No dating. Only me, my girlfriends, and a "list" of things I wanted to do. I am afraid of heights so I started rock climbing and rapelling. I still remember the pride and sense of accomplishment I felt when I completed a 160 foot rapel down into a canyon at Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee. I also stirred things up by dying my hair red. It was a magical year. I made lifelong friends. I discovered mountain biking. And I fell in love with me. I think it's time for another list.