Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just another day in the Hill Country

You know you're in Texas when one of your neighbors knocks upon your door and tells you that he's going down in the woods near your home armed with .22 and a beer to defend himself (and his dogs) against the coyotes that charged at him last night. This particular neighbor is rarely seen without a beer in his hand. In fact, I have NEVER seen him without one. The first thought that ran through my mind when he told me of his plan was ha! I gotta see this! Then I thought better of it and locked myself and my pups in my house and away from the windows. I don't want an errant bullet to strike one of us instead of the coyotes. Well, the excitement quickly waned when I saw the old guy return, get in his truck and meander back to where he came from. No shots, no dead coyotes. Recently, I have been hearing coyote yells late in the night but I have no desire to go looking for em. We have a lot of deer that come onto our land and yard as well as quail, dove, and rabbits. They're probably just trackin that big buck my dogs chased after just the other day. Or so I hope. I guess it's about time I started packing more than a baseball bat and mace.

Photo compliments of TPWD and copyrighted by Bill Reaves