Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another perfect weekend

Ah, I wrapped up two weeks of "training" with a long ride at Mule Shoe Bend in Spicewood. I love love love this trail system. Fun rollers, climbs and a few technical sections to keep it interesting. The trails were in great condition and the weather was perfect - 70s, sunshine, not a cloud in the sky.

But it was not a good week to train. The temps were freezing and most of my days were spent at work or babysitting our frozen pipes. So, less time on the trails and at the gym. But in the interest of accountability, here is what my week looked like.

2/05 (Saturday) Light workout (pushups, crunches, etc.) and spin around the neighborhood
2/06 - 1 hour mountain bike ride (Big Country)
2/07 - 2/10 - walking the dogs/stretching
2/11 - 30 minute swim
2/12 - OFF (Winery tour with my sweetie)
2/13 - 1.5 hour mountain bike ride (Mule Shoe)