Friday, February 04, 2011

Let's keep moving

So, a week ago I committed to training for an adventure race which meant it was time to pull away from my desk and get moving. I'm easing into it so as not to inflame old injuries and I want to mix it up. I'm not one to train on the treadmill. Instead, I prefer to use the nearby trails, the pool, and of course do whatever I can to spend quality time with my husband and pups.

01/29- 30 min hike with Hubby and pups
01/30- 1 hour mountain bike ride
01/31 - REST
02/01 - 20 min trail run with pups
02/02 - 30 min swim at the Y followed by 1 hour massage
02/03 - 1 hour workout with PT (warmup, stretching, recovery)
02/04 - Snow Day :-)

I feel good and I'm looking forward to doing what I can to "move every day".