Saturday, March 26, 2011

Coyotes and Woodpeckers

Last night I awoke to loud barking, yelping and howling sounds of a band of coyotes. Apparently they were running in a pack chasing something. They started in our backyard and ran back and forth. Their vocals were amazing even if I couldn't quite appreciate them at 3am. I guess they were enjoying the clear night. I'm also surprised that our local coyotes travel in packs. I've always heard that coyotes were loners like in Wiley Coyote. Usually you only see one but here we've spotted them in threes. And judging the sound of their howls, it really sounds like they have an entire choir.

Today the sun is shining, the trees have leaves, and birds are flying all around. So far I've spotted a male and female ladderbacked woodpecker, a male and female cardinal, Western scrub jays, mockingbirds, and other birds that I haven't yet identified due to distance and tree cover. Spring is here spring is here!