Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dangerous Drought

We're experiencing the one of the worst droughts in central Texas history. Everyone is being encourage to conserve water and energy. Our gardens are non-existent. Our yards are brown and the grass it so dry it crunches when you walk on it. Wildlife is desperate for water as all the creeks are dry. I have to fill our bird baths every day because the deer stop by for drink. Worse, our home has well water and we don't have any fire hydrants in our neighborhood. Due to the dangerous drought conditions, the chances of wildfires are high and if one were to start near our home, we could very well lose everything. That fear resonated this past week when a wildfire consumed 600 acres not too far from our home. The drought conditions are so bad that a the sparks from a welding torch caused such mayhem! We need rain. If you have some, send it our way.