Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Thermal Natural Waters

Bath is well known for its hot thermal springs that were discovered "by Prince Bladud around 863BC, who was cured from his skin disease after bathing in the waters. The waters were then enjoyed by the Celts, Romans, Saxons and Georgians. The water fell as rain around 10,000 years ago and then sank to a depth of about 2km. Here it is heated by high temperature rocks before rising back up through one of the three hot springs in the centre of the City, the Cross Spring, Hetling or King’s Spring, which supplies the Roman Baths. These thermal waters contain over 42 different minerals, the most concentrated being sulphate, calcium & chloride. Over 1 million litres of this mineral-rich water flow from the springs each day."*

So after learning about its history and healing powers, we of course had to check it out. We showed up at Spa at Thermae Bath and fell in love. We headed to the open air rooftop spa where we could enjoy the view of the city while enjoying the warm waters. Then we went downstairs to the aroma steam rooms, foot baths, and waterfall showers. The steam rooms each had their own aromatherapy scent such as eucalyptus and frankincense. Finally, we ended the evening at the Minerva Bath which was a large pool with massage jets, a whirlpool and a 'lazy river'. LOVE LOVE LOVE.