Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Boot Whisperer

This cool shop is located in Wimberley, Texas. I've passed it many times on my way to court in San Marcos or just hanging out in Wimberley. The shop is called Wild West and is owned by the Boot Whisperer or Ulli for short. She's collected hundreds of vintage and custom made boots. What's special about Ulli and the store is that you provide Ulli with a "budget" or set amount of dollars that you want to spend on a pair of her boots. She then looks at your bare feet and then searches through her inventory for that perfect pair. Usually she's right the first time and the first pair you try on are the ones you take home. Now, the boots ain't cheap and she lets you know up front that you're going to spend at least $200 for a pair of quality boots that are broke in and still have their original soles. Such was my experience. She picked a pair of tan size 9 Tony Llamas with black embroidered tops for me and they were a perfect fit. I was sold and walked out that day with my prize. I highly recommend the experience especially if you love vintage or don't want the brand new boots from the store look. Just be careful that you don't show up at her store because she only takes appointments.