Saturday, March 02, 2013

Let's Play

I finally finished it! I started this gift project several months ago for a dear friend's little toddler boy but parenthood took over and I had to put it down for the last few months. It felt great to be sewing again and I finished it in record time with Miss Ella watching from her bouncer. She was such a sweetheart letting mommy work in 30 minute increments! I call this quilt "Let's Play" because it features all the things that little boys love to play with - helicopters, cars, robots. It will also be fun to play I SPY with this one at bedtime. I didn't use a pattern. Instead, I just let it organically come together with rows of 5inch squares and 2inch white sashing. I used the big red dots as outside "Side" borders and the binding is green fabric with red dots. The back is primary color dots on a background and I quilted it with horizontal and vertical "in the ditch" lines using red, green and blue thread on the back and white on the front. I loved how it turned out and especially enjoyed the bear hug and thanks I received from my sweet and gracious friend!