Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The number of candles on my birthday cake.  Another day spent with my faves except this time I got to enjoy them all for lunch at the County Line on Bee Cave Road.  Nothing says Texas like BBQ with a view of the Hill Country.  As you can imagine, BBQ is a competitive thing here and we all have our preferences.  County Line is pretty good.  I enjoyed a baked potato stuffed with all the fixes and smoked pepper crusted turkey.  My better half had turkey sandwich, fries, and okra.  The fries are stellar as is their homemade bread (you get a whole loaf!) and their sweet tea.  Speaking of, Ella is sweet tea fanatic.  Don't get me going on how it all started (ahem, grandmother).  She now runs to whoever has a glass of it  demanding a drink.  And I mean DEMANDING.  She will not take no for an answer.  The good thing about it is she's got that drinking from a cup thing down.  Thanks to good ole sweet tea.