Sunday, March 23, 2014

Planting a salad garden

Now that we have our entire yard fenced we are ready to put in a salad garden since the deer no longer frequent our backyard.  We are using raised beds due to our rocky soil.  Seth built this raised bed out of cedar planks yesterday.  Today, he's adding PVC pipes so that we can cover the garden.

Next weekend, we'll install a rain barrel on the far corner of our house which will provide easier access to the garden and also plant tomatoes, cucumbers, leaf lettuce, and some herbs.  We'll start with transplants this year and seeds maybe next year. Once we get our salad garden done, we'll then start planting flowers and doing other landscaping in our barren desert of a yard.  I love how accessible this garden is.  I can walk around the garden and weed without breaking my back.