Thursday, March 13, 2014

Work in Progress

I'm so excited about my "work in progress".  It's a queen sized quilt that I am making for myself (and my husband)!  Finally, something for us!  I finished all of the blocks this weekend and organized them into their rows.  Now I just need to sew them together, row by row.  Time is short these days with Miss Ella wanting to help Mama in the sewing room or digging into the scraps pile or supplies.  Unfortunately, the sewing room is not a safe place for her.  It's amazing how my life has changed.  I used to spend hours in the sewing room before she was born and even up to a few months ago before she became really mobile.  Now that she's into everything, I have to resort to sneaking into the sewing room to spend 15 minutes here and there on different projects.  Luckily, this project features simple blocks so that I could work quickly and efficiently. It went swimmingly fast once all the pieces were cut and sorted.  I hope I can get it the top finished within the week and then off to the long arm quilter.