Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hot summer days

The last couple of weeks have been busy at work and hot at home.  We've been escaping the heat by visiting the local splash pads and our friends' pool.  Our 4th of July was a quiet one spent hanging close to the house, grilling out and sipping on homemade sangria.  Since I've blogged last, I've been doing pretty well working out consistently.  I've hit the pool a couple of times, rode my bike a couple of times, and worked out a couple of times with a dear friend doing our own version of a boot camp involving weights and running.  Today, we rode with the Mamma Jamma group on the 24-mile route through the neighborhoods of Austin.  I know I could be doing more but I feel better.  It feels good to be moving again. I underestimated the power of the "vision board".  It's on my dresser and every time I see it, I ask myself what I've done to fulfill my board.  It could be as simple as hugging my husband or riding my bike. I think about it a lot and especially the visuals on the board.