Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Spinning Spinning Spinning

This week has been a bit hectic at the office with my clients' children returning to school and opposing counsel(s) returning to the office after the holidays. New year's resolutions abound. I still haven't quite figured out what my goals should be.  Right now, I'm just "doing what's next" at a most basic level. I'm stumped when it comes to penning bigger goals or big picture goals.  I've made some positive steps though.  I'm working out with a trainer twice a week.  I'm also working with a therapist as well as a business coach in the wings that knows me and my business challenges.  And, I interviewed a young man earlier this week to help me with my practice. Now, I need to narrow my focus on what it is that I really really want to do with my practice.  Go big or streamline?  Hire someone and expand my caseload or stay solo and picky? There are pros and cons to both.  Risk and rewards.