Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Day after Turkey Day

I love Turkey Day - good food and 2 days of no class! Yesterday, BF and I had dinner with his parents and friends of the family at a farmhouse in New Hampshire. It was chilly and sunny in Boston but there was a lot of snow at the farmhouse. It was really pretty and we got to enjoy a roaring fire along with a few glasses of good cheer aka wine. Today has been spent catching up on bills and outlining for exams that are fast approaching. Just the thought of taking one produces anxiety. Oh how I dread them. The quizzes have been bad enough but a 3 hour exam nerve-wracking, brain numbing series of riddled questions followed by essays in which you know without a doubt that your mind will go blank and you'll be pressed for time to finish. Nightmarish. But thankfully the nightmare will be followed by a 2+ week reprieve. I can't wait for Christmas!!