Monday, February 13, 2006

No Snow Day for me

There's no such thing as a "snow day" in college in New England. Big Boo! I watched the news last night anticipating that I would see my college amidst the school closings scrolling across the bottom of the screen. I checked the school's website. No announcement of closure. I woke up early this morning - checked the news and the school's website again. No closure. Crap. I gotta go to school. Going to school really isn't that big of an issue since BF usually drops me off on his way to work. It's coming home that's a problem as I have to trudge through the snow and slush on the sidewalk, walk in the street if there's too much snow, which means I have to fight the cars to walk or find a place to cross the street that doesn't involve scaling a wall of snow from the snow plow. Then there's avoiding being splashed by cars when walking in the street and of course, the well-established hazard of walking, or rather sliding, through slippery slush. It's a battle.

Today I conquered it for the most part with only one minor mishap. I had just gotten out of class and was walking on a CLEAR sidewalk to the T. It was clear until I got to the main intersection where every day it's a battle to cross the street. Traffic was heavy. I looked across the street to see how I could get on the opposite sidewalk. HUGE SNOW BANK with one small cut through. Ahhh! As I'm crossing the street to get to the cut through, THIS EFFIN MORON PARKS RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CUT THROUGH and blocks it. MORON!!! So now I'm trapped in the street and any second there's going to be cars everywhere. Here they come!! SHITE! So now I have to walk thru the snow bank to avoid being hit by a car. I'm hoping that it's packed enough that I can just climb over it. NO such luck. I sink into it knee-deep much to the enjoyment of my fellow pedestrians who are walking on the sidewalk that I'm trying to get to. SUCKS! I'm covered from KNEE TO TOE in snow and trying not to fall directly into the snow bank. I manage to get through and make my way to the T with no more incidences.

I will say that as annoying as it was, it was much more preferable than the mishap I suffered the last time it snowed. Once again, it involved walking in the street as it was not humanly possible to walk on the sidewalk. A car came SPEEDING down the street (residential) and hit a puddle which subsequently soaked me with ICE COLD SLUSH AND WATER. That was a long, cold walk home.

I miss those "snow days" back home in Texas and Tennessee. Those were good times. Snow plows are cool and all but they just take the fun out of staying home, sleeping in, and watching crap TV.