Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's a blizzard!

The N'easter that we've all been fearing found its way to Boston in the wee hours of the morning. I've never seen a storm like this in Tennessee or Texas where I grew up. Here the snow comes down so fast and the wind whirls it round and round until there's no visibility. Trudy with her round body and short little 4-inch legs tries to bound through the snow to find her special little spot to make yellow snow but instead decides that the street is a much safer spot as the plows are making their rounds and the streets are clear for the most part. Her poor little big belly doesn't have much fur and what little fur she doesn't have has little ice balls dangling from it. She doesn't like days like this at all and neither does her mom or dad. Too windy, cold and wet. However it is pretty to look at. Wish I could spend the day messing around the arboretum and taking pics. But alas, I must eventually get to writing this 20-page trial brief that's due on Thursday and read ConLaw/Property for tomorrow. I'll try to take a photo at some point for you folks down South. Oh I how I envy you on days like this. And especially tomorrow when I have to trudge home in the slush. Oy!