Sunday, April 02, 2006


Boo.. I rode my new full suspension today and much to my chagrin, it's too small for me. What a bummer... I was so hoping it would work as I got an awesome deal on it but alas, now I must start the search again and sell this one. On the upside, it was a gorgeous day and the bike was fun to ride for a while. She's superfast. I guess that's why I'm so disappointed. Great bike but it wouldn't be comfortable to ride or race for any length of time. If anyone knows of a great MTB that's for sale, please email me directly. I'm also open for suggestions on what to get. I'm so out of the loop on what's the best value on the market. I can't afford the sweet rides - gotta buy something on the low end and build her up with upgrades from my hard tail. Off to bed. School tomorrow.