Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Que pasa! What a beautiful day for a siesta and a photo shoot!! I sure could get used to the life of a *model*. $100, a free pair of shoes, breakfast, lunch and cool ppl = a very happy girl. One of the extras also lives in my neighborhood and showed me an awesome way to get back to home from the Commons. It was such a pretty ride. Along the Charles over to BU then along the Muddy River to Jway Pond and home. It was very scenic and the weather was balmy. I'm so excited to learn new ways even though I had to pedal my commuter bike like hell to keep up with my new friend's cross/commuter bike. It was painful but a good kind of pain. I don't get that opportunity often. Now, I'm back at the hacienda to study some ConLaw and then head over to mi amigos for cervezas, quesadillas, and sangria.