Friday, May 19, 2006

I just completed my first year of law school

The sun is shining, I just had a good ride on my bike and I'm in absolute awe that I don't have any studying to do or cases to read for Monday. I'm done! yay!! And, Seth and I are heading to West Virginia first thing Monday morning to a fun-filled adventure packed week of climbing in the New River Gorge area, rafting the Gali River, camping wherever we can pitch a tent and mountain biking to our heart's content. Even now, Fireball is at the shop getting a tuneup and a new headset, fork, stem, handlebar, crankset, seatpost, pedals and sweet racing tires. I've been saving up for a new bike but decided instead to save some $$ and continue upgrading my hardtail. She's been a good ride. We also added another bike to our family - I gotta an awesome deal on a Jake the Snake cyclocross bike from a grad student here in Boston. She's only ridden it a handful of times and was selling it so cheaply that I couldn't turn it down. The parts are little to be desired as they are way down in the low end but I should be able to upgrade pretty cheaply by scouting out deals on craigslist and pricepoint. luvs those two. I'll be sure to take a lot of pics and upload them when I can.