Thursday, July 06, 2006

On my Nightstand - Bird by Bird

While scavenging through the "sale" section at Borders, I happened upon a book by Anne Lamott called Bird by Bird. The book is an author's guide to writing and life. Since I have some free time and have always loved writing, I decided to purchase it. I wasn't disappointed at all and have been avidly turning the pages. She has some very interesting insights and is very encouraging to readers and wannabe authors. It's always been a fantasy of mine to write a book as I have been an avid reader since before I think I could even read. When I was very little, I used to look in a book and focus on the page so hard that I thought that I would magically learn to read. Kindergarten was a magical time too because I was learning my alphabet. yes. Back in those days, you waited until kindergarten to learn to read. Small town Texas. Once I learned to read, I was hooked and constantly at the library every chance I could get. My grandmother would even give me bags and bags of her trashy romance novels when I was like 10! I didn't care though, I would have read anything. I could be anyone, go anywhere. The places I went!

I've always admired authors and their ability to put words together that evoke such emotion and spark imagination. I used to write poems and songs when I was younger and I journaled all the time. I still journal but not to the degree that I did back then. Now there's blogging and I've slowly gotten back to writing although I don't really use it as a forum to express myself. It's more like documenting certain events and happenings. I'm not really one to bare my soul to the world. But after reading this book, I'm entertaining the thought of writing or rather documenting my life. Writing about all of my memories as she suggests in as much detail as I can. So that perhaps my children and their children will have some idea who their mom and grandma was. I often wonder about mine own and am curious about their dreams, passions, struggles, memories. I don't ask often enough and my grandmother is gone. I don't want to write in the of becoming published but rather for mine own sake.