Thursday, January 24, 2008

i heart skiing

For many of those who know me, you know that I hate the cold and I hate not being in control. Bikes have brakes. Skis don't. So upon moving here to New England, Seth has been trying like crazy to get me to learn how to ski. I resisted. I refused. You know all those bad comedies where the hero always ends up in traction because he decided to go skiing? In my mind, I was the star of that bad comedy and I didn't want to be hobbling around Boston on a broken leg carrying a bunch of law books. No way, no how. I have tried cross country skiing and I really enjoyed it so when Seth's parents invited us up to New Hampshire for some cross country skiing and tubing on Spring Break last year I was thrilled. Well, we went tubing the first day and had a blast. The second day, Seth's mom announces that she wants to take a downhill ski lesson and asked me and her husband, Seth's dad, if we wanted to. I was like... uh huh! as was Seth's Dad, he had just recovered from a back injury. But, she talked us into it because Seth's Dad took her skiing many many years ago and she had a really horrible experience and now she wanted to try it again. Inspired by her courage and resolve, we both decided to give it a go as well.

So off we go to our lesson in the middle of a blizzard at Bretton Woods. And by blizzard, I mean it was snowing so hard that you couldn't see how far down the slope you had to go. I didn't really learn anything in the lesson other than it was kind of fun. We were on a baby slope so I couldn't really go that fast and I somehow managed to figure it out. The following day, we got one on one lessons and upgraded to a beginner green trail and I got a little better. I could stop... eventually.....but couldn't really do the turns. I enjoyed it and SEth's dad was in love again. He used to ski a long time ago so he was relearning - however, he was doing much better on the turns than I.

Our second trip to the slopes happened a couple of weeks later to a slope in Vermont. It was the end of the season, the weather was warmer and the slopes were slushy. I didn't do so good, I didn't like the slush and I didn't like the mountain. It was a really crappy way to end the season.

Our third trip to the slopes was to Sunday River, ME this past December. The mountain was amazing - the views unbelievable. Seth's dad and I took the Perfect Turn clinic while Seth bombed down the double diamond trails. We learned so much and I finally started turning albeit it was the snowplow. But still I was turning!! And I was learning the parallel style. So we hit the green trails and had an absolute blast. It was scary in some parts because I wasn't comfortable going fast and then we happened on a narrow trail where ppl were bombing down past me. There were moguls too! I slid down all those and by the end of the day, I was completely wiped. So much so, that when I went to change into my clothes, I accidentally went into the men's bathroom not realizing it until after I changed into my clothes. Thank goodness I was in a stall!!

Now the reason for the I heart skiing post, our fourth trip. On Monday, the three of us (me, Seth and Dad) went up to Sunapee for a day trip. I mastered the turns parallel style!! And we were skiing BLUE TRAILS. That's intermediate for all you non-skiers! Me!! On my fourth ski trip ever. of course, I had a few hiccups on the really steep sections but still it was so much fun. Now I know why ppl enjoy it so much. Unfortunately it was bone-chilling cold and I couldn't feel my feet or hands much of the time. Single digits and a wind chill factor of burrrr!! There were times when the wind was so strong that I came to a perfect standstill. I'm not kidding! We braved it out and went into the lodge periodically to thaw out. I can't wait to go again!