Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hi all!! After hosting the Human Trafficking Awareness event, I decided that I wanted to do even more so I contacted TEN Charities to become an Ambassador. As an Ambassador, I recruit others to host small parties in their homes to educate their friends and family about trafficking and also sell handicrafts. I also will speak at parties and other community events about trafficking and educate the community. I'm really looking forward to it because it's something that I really care about and it's something that I can do on my own time. Plus I love love love the handicrafts!!!

So if you're interested in possibly hosting a small informal affair similar to all those in home parties like Tupperware, Surprise parties, Pampered Chef but without the sales pitch, contact me right away and we'll get you set up! And for all my friends and fam in Texas and Tennessee, don't be shy, I can ship everything you need!

An Awareness Party is a fun, inspiring, educational event at your home, school, community center, or place of worship, where you can educate your friends about human trafficking, and what is being done to fight it. You can also display and offer for sale handicraft products made by survivors of human trafficking. An Awareness Party can be formal or informal, large or small. You can inject your own interests and personality into the event – wine and cheese, a tea party, a four-course dinner – it’s all good! We provide you the tools to educate your guests about trafficking, including a video, a speech for you to read, printed awareness materials, recipes, catalogs, brochures, and beautiful handicraft products. There are no sales pitches or product demonstrations, and there is no pressure to buy. The goal is to offer information about slavery and human rights in a way that is not overwhelming or depressing but empowering.