Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a few more hours until Spring Break

This year, we're heading home to Dallas for a few days and then to Austin for a few days. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family and also my oldest and dearest friend. She's about 8 months pregnant with her first child and I can't wait to see her all big and prego. She's in heaven right now and looking forward to motherhood. My youngest bro just started working at the JFK museum so I will def be hitting him up for a "tour". I also have a couple of interviews set up in Dallas and in Austin and Seth has like 8 set up in Austin. Isn't that exciting? I haven't sent out very many resumes because I really want to pursue working for myself. But apparently, environmental engineers with Seth's level of expertise are in high demand. This is very good news for us. He is so excited. Instead of staying with friends this time around, we've opted to stay at a B&B and will be getting together with friends in the evenings and interview or search for apartments each day.

Also, I just checked the 10-day forecast for Austin and Dallas - mid to high 70s. It's 27 degrees today here in Boston. So yeah, I'm looking forward to warmer temps, good margaritas, mexican food, especially migas, live music, and cutting up with the fam.