Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I am graduating!!

Whoo hoo! I will be graduating next month. Next month! The official day is May 23, however I will be DONE with finals on May 6 and shortly thereafter I will be boozing it up with my classmates and later on with the fam when they come into town. It’s so surreal to think that the past three years have led up to this moment. All the anxiety, stress, and okay, fun too. I’ve met alot of great people but I am even more excited at the thought of moving to yet another city, meeting more people and being my own boss. For the last three months, I have been working on my "business plan". It initially began as a class assignment for my Law Practice Management class but now I’m thinking I really can do it. Plus Seth just got an amazing offer with a firm in Austin. He will be making a lot more money in a city where the cost of living is probably 40% less than here in Boston. This means that our overhead will be much lower thus providing a safety net for ourselves to really begin socking the money away and allowing me some freedom to start my own practice. My car will be paid for - rent will be MUCH cheaper. Now I just need to get those student loans deferred for a few months so that I can get some revenue coming in. Of course, it all depends on becoming admitted to the Bar. So if I don’t pass it this time around, I will most likely be the neighborhood barrista rather than barrister!