Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crunchtime - Be back in August

Hi all. the time has come for CRUNCHTIME. The bar is in two weeks and because I have yet to master each and all of the subjects, I will not be blogging, updating my facebook page or myspace. I also will not be sleeping peacefully. I will not be eating well. I will not be drinking alcoholic beverages *gasp* instead I will be drinking heavily caffeinated beverages. I will not be spending QT (or any time) with friends and family only those distant persons I see every day in the library. I will most certainly fall of the planet. Do not be offended if your calls or emails are screened and unreturned until August. This will take incredible determination and fortitude on my part (and those who love and support me) but in the infamous words of Eleanor Roosevelt - "[I] must do the very thing [I] think I cannot do" ie cram a ton of information in a short span of time and achieve a passing score of 675 so that I NEVER HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN. I know I can do it but it is imperative that I stay focused, positive, and above all be efficient and productive. Alas I must bid thee farewell until we meet again on the other side. Beers on you. ;-)