Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My backyard rocks!

It's official. I am now enamored with Austin. Our mountain bikes finally arrived this week and we decided to take a spin in our own backyard. Lucky for us, our apartment borders the Barton Creek Greenbelt and has its own trail access. The trail that leads to the greenbelt turned out to be more challenging than most of the other trails. A great percentage of the trail is tight and twisty singletrack with a few rock gardens and whoop de doos for more expert navigators. As a reasonable and prudent mountain biker (thank you law school) without insurance (thank you unemployment), I decided to take it a bit easy in the rockier sections. I can't afford to refracture my arm and knowing my handling skills at present, that in all sincerity is likely to happen. Even so, it was a fun ride. The singletrack sections allowed for speed and I even got to break out my climbing skills. Although it was a bit hot, the views and company was spectacular plus we were the only ones on the trail. Can't beat that!