Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holding the line at Barton Creek

After rocking out to one of my favorite all time songs by Toto - Hold the Line - I hit Barton Creek on Friday night and vowed to hold my own line on Gaines Ranch. And I did. I had an amazing flight down the rocky descents with only one touchdown! We then headed towards the Hill of Life which I hadn't attempted. And for good reason! It's difficult to tell from the pic below, but it is really steep and has a lot of mulchy type dirt, really difficult to get traction. Needless to say, I didn't successfully make the climb. It was the only downer on the ride and was most definitely offset by the cooler temps and other successes along the way. We also spotted a deer as well as lots of Maxmillian's Sunflowers. I recently purchased a beginner's field guide to Texas Wildflowers and it has been a lot of fun trying to name the flowers. These particular sunflowers are pretty popular in this region and will be around through November.
Hill of Life
Maxmillian's Sunflower

Sun starting to set as we make our way back