Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pedernales and Chicken Fried Steak

On Saturday, we headed to Pedernales Falls State Forest to ride the trails. It was our first time there and after the hard ride on Friday night, we were looking forward to taking it easy. It was definitely easy bordering on downright boring (from a mtb perspective). Thankfully the views were spectacular and our legs were tired! We headed down the Wolf Mountain trail, a 7.5 mile loop consisting of about 90% jeep roads, I kid you not, and 10% singletrack. Most have rated this trail as intermediate probably because the singletrack is pretty rocky but I would def categorize it as beginner. We saw a lot of campers hiking along the trail. There's primitive campsites about 2 miles in as well as swimming holes all along the trail. We had a great time flying down the gravelly descents and spinning up the inclines. The singletrack was alot of fun but way too short - only about a mile's worth. Also most of the trail was out in the open offering very little shade. We were unaffected because the temps were cool but I'm not sure if I would want to do this trail in the dead heat of July/August/September. Afterwards, we stopped by the Nutty Brown Cafe for an icy cold Shiner and chicken fried steak with all the fixings. Hmm. Hmm. Good.

Great views along the trail

What most of the "trail" looked like

Singletrack Loop

This is a terrible picture (need to change camera setting) of Plateau false foxglove. This was the only flower beside a whole bunch of Maxmillian Sunflowers that I spotted along the trail. We also spotted a deer across a creek staring at us.

Shiner, chicken fried steak smothered in gravy, fried okra, and jalapeno hushpuppies