Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Short Flight Home

Last night, we headed out to Barton Creek via my nemesis, Gaines Ranch. As usual, the start was slow and tedious. However, once we hit the river, it got really fun. I could barely keep up with Seth on the way to the HOL but on the "flight" home, I was on his rear wheel going full out and clearing rock gardens. That is, until we hit GR and my legs practically buckled. I guess walking all those miles during the 3-day ACL was more grueling than I had anticipated. Nonetheless, we finished just before dark. It was a much faster trip this time around, hence the term "flight" because I felt more confident on the trail and there were a lot fewer hikers and cyclists. Next time, I think we're going to try a different route - beginning on 360 and ending with GR. There's a really sweet descent on the 360 trail plus getting to the trail head on the road will allow us to have a proper warm up before trying to negotiate a lot of technical sections. Stay tuned.

On another note, Seth and I officially have health insurance - thank goodness! It's really unnerving to be out there riding knowing that anything could happen and that either one of us would possibly need medical treatment. My "sailing accident" is proof of that! Even so, I'm not sure that having insurance now will affect the way I ride. Ever since law school, shoulder surgery, and a broken elbow, I have been really conscious of how valuable my health is and how much I have invested in my "brain". Consequently, I have scaled it back quite a bit on the trail and especially on the road. I am much more cautious and I am no longer a speed demon. And, I enjoy riding so much more. The scenery here is spectacular and I can still get in a good workout without trying to burn up the trail.