Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Don't do as I do

An old adage reared its' ugly head at the office today and of course gave me and my colleagues a good chuckle. I just started a new contract position and for the last couple of days been subjected to hours of orientation and training. You know the drill. The company's policy on internet use, dress code, time sheets, blah blah blah. So what adage am I talking about? The oldie but goodie - Do as I say and not as I do. In front of a group of 100 independent contractors (temps), the project lead presented the company's policies (Rules & Regs) via presentation from her yep, personal laptop. She specifically espoused that all forms of e-CHATTING was UNACCEPTABLE. As soon as she made that declaration, guess what happens? She got instant messaged! The dialog box popped up with the other chatter's info and greeting! IT WAS HILARIOUS. She of course promptly typed that she was in a meeting, closed it down and apologized stating you guessed it... Do as I say and not as I do. ;-)