Friday, February 27, 2009

Ahhhh, Spring is here

Ahhh.. Spring is in the air. Sunshine, 80+ degrees, trees beginning to bud, and yes, allergies too. The last couple of days have been reminiscent of the days we spent in the Carribbean last May. Bright sunshine and cool breezes. A tropical paradise even if I can only enjoy in short bursts throughout the day to/from work and on my lunch break. The nights are spectacular. Perfect for opening up the windows and enjoying the night sounds (which just so happens to be my neighbor packing and using a screeching tape dispenser)! Still it's a small sacrifice to enjoy such a great benefit. Unfortunately, these temps can't last forever. The forecast says it's going to cool down this weekend to 60. Perfect for trying out the trails at Cameron Park in Waco. We're headed to Dallas to visit the family and are opting to break up the drive and get in a joyride. From what I hear, Cameron Park is a great trail system with 20 miles of hike/bike trails. Stay tuned for my review and pics too (with my new camera). And if you've been to Cameron Park, feel free to post a comment with the names of your favorite trails within the park. Happy Riding!